Construction Bid Software

Our Approach

We understand that it is becoming increasingly difficult for construction companies to seize business opportunities.

The multiplication of sources makes the monitoring of public procurements more complex and time-consuming. Also, if your business strategy depends heavily on Fed Biz Opps, you’re in for some problems. The competition is enormous and when the bid is issued, it's often too late.

Using our online software, we also offer a power bids search for over 1,700,000 buying entities throughout the world. We scan all of the sources, so you no longer have to, saving you time and energy.  We review all of the available procurements based on filters that you set up,  those procurements are sent to your inbox.

But we go one step further, giving you one major, extra advantage over your competition.  

Communication:  Our unique technology connects contractors together. We not only give you important information, we connect you with other contractors so that you are able to work together to secure contracts.

Our Story

For nearly five years with TendersPage, prior to creating BidsConstruction, we searched to find a better way to find procurements faster than the competition for our customers. We tried many products and solutions, but were always unhappy with the accuracy, speed, support, and mostly price; so we built our own solution!

These four attributes became our core values here at

Next Steps...

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