Hidden Fees?

Everything is included in your subscription, there are no hidden fees. (No additional fees to download or forward a document)

We don’t want to watch for the International market?

No problem, choose our local or federal plan 😉

We are a too small company to respond certain bids on our own!

It is possible to collaborate with other companies. Construction watch allows your company to communicate with other bid partners. Each document page presents the number of people who received the document and allows you to start a communication with them for an eventual partnership. 

How many sources in Construction Watch?

Procurement sources are enormous: hospital, public administrations or other online platforms.

  • + 50,000 opportunities, calls for proposals and award notices each day
  • 1,700,000 buyers worldwide
  • More than 2 million sourced markets
  • 260 covered countries
  • 46 covered languages

How fast is Construction Watch compare to other solutions?

Our software is able to scan all these multiple sources and index the procurement within 12hrs after publication. We are today the fastest solution online.